Who do I trust and is this the right choice?

This is the basic question which started the journey and development of inRevo2.

The first part of the journey focused on answering how do you build confidence in your facility operations decision making.  We started to assemble pertinent information and had it available for our clients to help shift through all the opinions and selling tactics being laid upon them. 

During this phase we realized the information in the facility industry was still fragmented and there were no solid answers. 

We needed more to help drive cost down for our clients.  Well, the second part of our journey started, and we needed to collect data and develop our own knowledge.  We needed the data no one else was collecting.  We call this the “last mile of data”. 

We found this data is capable of producing millions of dollars in savings and elimination of cost.

Our intuition was confirmed as more data was collected.  We could start predicting failures and performance of facility assets.  We could determine which type and manufacturer product would work more effectively vs. another.  Not only that we could determine how the environment would

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And now you are visiting our current journey.  The cloud base data collection system is designed to continue to collect this very important data and manage your facilities. This system is dynamic and allows you to connect with all your facility asset caregivers that hold the key to this valuable data.  Our system is designed to manage your facility activity with transparency and helps all the participants to improve their companies as well.

We believe working together and improving all participants abilities protect our clients bottom line.