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inRevo2 converts your facility assets into a digital web of intelligence exponentially increasing your value

inRevo2 Changes


Our proprietary platform creates analytics no one else has. inRevo2 is uniquely positioned to change how your facility budgets are managed.

Our intelligence will:

Eliminate internal operating hours


Eliminate internal hour up to 26% - $ 260,000 of salary cost could be eliminated every $ 1,000,000 spent.

Reduced reactive repair event costs


Reduce reactive repair costs up to 41% - $190,000 of potential reduction in maintenance-repair-operations (MRO) cost every $1,000,000 spent.

Increase long-term savings


Increase long-term savings up to 17% - $170,000 of potential cost reduction in cost of ownership over asset life every $1,000,000 owned.

Reducing landfill usage


Reduce landfill usage up to 26% - For every 200,000,000 sq. ft. of facility space reduce 27,000+ dumpsters being used for the landfill.

Reducing raw material usage


Reduce raw material usage up to 25% - For every 200,000,00 sq. ft. of facility space reduce 7,500 18-wheel semis full of material using vast amount of natural resources.

Reduce carbon footprint


Reduce carbon footprint up to 20% - Our intelligence program allows vendors to be more prepared for service events resulting in a reduction of return visits by 30% or more, this also translate into lower over all cost.


Your Budget

Yesterday’s facility management was controlled by problems the facility portfolio dictated. Today, inRevo2 has created a platform where you control the facility portfolio and disrupt your budgets.

Cost of Ownership



Assets Life-Cycles


Your Destination



inRevo2 is disrupting the facility industry by holistically combining all segments representing the framework of facility cost. The intelligence our platform constructs is designed for the owners and their teams to substantially reduce the burden and cost of facility care.

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  • Identity opportunities
  • Cross-compare performance from asset to asset
  • Classify common failure points
  • Examine vulnerabilities and risk
  • Calculate total cost of ownership
  • Gage success of processes and vendor performance
  • Provide forward visibility on spend
  • Gain the maximum value out of the company spend
  • Extend coverage without adding internal resources
  • Drive compliance
  • Achieve predictable and measurable long-term results
  • Obtain a higher level of risk management
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Proof Is In

The Pudding

From the first moment you plug into inRevo2 platform, your facility budget will start to experience significant saving and your assets will enjoy longer-lasting life cycles. Stop paying more without intelligence and start paying much less with inRevo2.

Healthy Facility

Happy Clients

Happy clients are saving money, improving reliability and creating operating efficiencies. Our innovative platform sharply reduces cost of maintenance, repair, and replacement of major facility systems.

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